Snow White Skin Whitening IV

When we look in the mirror and see issues with our skin, our first thought is to try and treat them by fixing what’s on the surface. We’ll go into a clinic and get laser treatments, facials or microneedling treatments in the hopes of fixing the skin. The bad news is while we’re focusing on what’s happening on the outside, we are neglecting what’s happening on the inside of our bodies.Fixing the skin’s issues from the inside isn’t as difficult as you might think, the key is maximizing what the body.

What is Snow White Glutathione?
To put it simply, Glutathione is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are important for our body’s ability to regenerate cells. On top of that, it isn’t your average antioxidant. It’s been called the “master antioxidant” because it helps detoxify every cell in the body. When doctors are evaluating your overall health, Glutathione is one of the indicators they look for.
Increasing the amount of this chemical in your body can only do good things for you. Cleansing your body of free radicals, heavy metals and other toxins is integral in keeping it healthy.
Why Have Snow White Glutathione IV Infusion
Other than the antioxidant benefits that assist in your immune system, Glutathione has healing properties for your skin as well. Some of the most popular skin uses are:
•    Age spots
•    Sun damage
•    Damaged pigmentation
•    Uneven skin tone
•    Melasma
•    And more

By changing your skin from the inside, you’re fixing your skin’s problems the right way. Treating from the outside in may take care of the some of the cosmetic issues, but it won’t get to the root of the problem. You’ll end up with lighter, brighter skin.
What’s the Process Like?

Snow White Glutathione through an IV.

You’ll have the process done right in our office while you are fully awake and alert. The process isn’t any different that receiving fluids after a medical procedure. In fact, it’s the reverse process of donating blood.
A member of our medical team will find a healthy, unobstructed vein to place the IV into. We will ensure your ease and safety by cleaning the area around the IV area. The pain of the procedure is only a quick pinch.
Once the IV is in the arm, all you have to do is sit back, relax and let this ultra-solution get to work!

Getting Snow White Glutathione For Yourself
If you’ve been looking for a safe, natural way to get healthier and have your skin looking clearer, look no further than this revolutionary treatment. For more information, call our office today and schedule your first consultation!