A facial for all skin types, even for the most sensitive skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed with a healthy glow. Includes a thorough cleansing, enzyme mask, extractions, facial massage and complete re-hydration


Infuse peptides and vitamin-rich anti-oxidants to hydrate dry skin, while diminishing the signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles. Our special mask with enzymes and peptides penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production, reducing fine lines, improving elasticity and leaving the skin visibly firmer. Rejuvenate your skin to a younger, more radiant and youthful glow.


If you suffer from a skin condition, such as acne or rosacea, or have a troubled complexion Beyond Image Med Spa can provide you with a Medical Facial at our Cerritos office This unique, customized treatment incorporates medicine and specialized techniques that can be formulated to treat a comprehensive range of skin conditions


Our premier treatment rejuvenates your skin with our most advanced technology. A result-driven treatment that resurfaces the skin to create a smooth, fresh, more youthful glow! Deeply penetrating serums help correct and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decrease appearance of scarring, minimizes pores, helps even complexion and reduce hyperpigmentation (also known as age spots).  For maximum results, this treatment is recommended to be conducted in a series of 6 treatments. (at select locations)


Revitalize your skin with bursts of vitamin-c and vitamin-rich anti-oxidants to treat skin imperfections caused from the environment, sun damage and aging. This highly effective, hydrating facial is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. Soothes skin irritation, improves complexion, and skin elasticity. High in anti-oxidants, which nourish the skin, help your skin look radiant.