3D eyebrow tattoo make up is a beauty procedure where pure pigments are placed in the epidermal layer of the skin by sterilized needle. Essentially it is a Semi Permanent make up that will fade over time-which usually lasts from 1year to 3years.

The technique used is a new style where the result is 3-Dimensional and Feathering. Creating a realistic result.


If you wear eyebrow pencil, we may ask you to wear your penciled eyebrows to the consultation the way you would like them to appear after the cosmetic tattoo has healed. Or, you may be asked to bring a pictorial representation of the preferred eyebrow design. If you have been asked to wear your eyebrows drawn in, or to bring in pictorial examples, your technician l will advise you if the style is appropriate for semi-permanent cosmetic eyebrows.

Draw & Design eyebrows, Apply numbing cream(30min), Start 3D hair stroke.


Microblading Microstroke Feathering Feather Touch eyebrow tattooing 3D browsfull natural brows Korean style straight brows  very popular in Asia